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An Anonymous Letter to the MGMT Co. from a Four Legged Resident
Posted on May 25th, 2009

 don\'t misunderstand; I love my owner very much for taking me outside to smell and run and well, you know, take care of personal business.  But geez...what\'s a pooch to do??  Help
Dear Fido,  Your master needs more training.  Please convey in your own special way the need for your owner to take a doggie bag with you when you begin your daily walk.  When you have to go, your owner should use the bag and properly dispose of it and its contents.  Proper disposal is in a trash container, not the common areas.  Just remember, a doggie bag a day keeps the community manager away.  Good luck, thanks for the letter and "no bark."
This entire letter was received on Apr 08, 2009.  Thank you Fido and the  "Dear Marley"  answer.