While some Bridlewood parents elect to send their children to private schools, most Bridlewood children attend the excellent local public schools which are part of the well regarded Lewisville Independent School District. In fact, one reason often cited for moving to Bridlewood is access to our excellent schools.

Bridlewood schools are truly neighborhood schools with Bridlewood Elementary and Clayton Downing Middle School located inside the Bridlewood community. Marcus, one of two high schools in Flower Mound and the one Bridlewood children attend, is just a few miles from Bridlewood’s back entrance. The schools enjoy a strong parent volunteer base through the PTAs as Bridlewood parents’ partner with school administrators and teachers to ensure the best possible education for our children.

Bridlewood Elementary School

Bridlewood Elementary in one of just two schools in Flower Mound and under 300 Texas-wide to earn a place on the 2009 Texas Business and Education Coalition Honor Roll, the most prestigious academic award given in Texas. For more information: http://tbec.org/honor-roll.

Clayton Downing Middle School

Downing prepares students academically and socially by helping them attain excellence in a supportive environment of students, parents, faculty, and community.

Marcus High School

At Marcus, we understand that an education is a combination of parent support, student efforts, and a staff using a well designed lesson that optimally engages every student. We are excited in our new efforts to include technology into every day activities. Marcus HS is committed to meet the needs of each student through a variety of tasks.

As your son or daughter develops into learning leaders, we encourage them to find area(s) of interest. Students must experience school life individually and as a member of one of our many teams, clubs, and organizations. Finding one’s niche provides opportunities for growth and friendship. Collaboration among a group of individuals stimulates meaningful interaction and team work.

Our mission is to promote “Pride in Excellence.” We want our students and community to celebrate success due to hard work and quality experiences. Please become a part of the exciting events that happen each and every day at Marcus High School. 


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Bridlewood Elementary                               4901 Remington Park Drive,                           Flower Mound, TX 75028        
972 874-9440   

Clayton Downing Middle School                       5555 Bridlewood Boulevard,                           Flower Mound, TX 75028                            
469 713-5962

Marcus High School                                      5707 Morriss Road,                                     Flower Mound, TX 75028                            
972 539-1591